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I would like to thank the following for their time and expertise in helping me with my 3D projects in Zanoza Modeler and for the Mafia and vice city game.


Rich – For guiding me on how to place the various dummies onto the model file I had made for vice city.


TripleAs- For creating the model flag for my simple car model for vice city as well for texturing it with the flag images and the textures for the model overall.


Ronn - For creating additional models, van conversion into an Ice cream van and expertise in using Zanoza Modeler.


All projects have been upgraded to Zanoza Modeler 2 as of  late May 2013, current content is out of date.

Zanoza Modeler

In-Game screenshots

Modified Original simple car for vice city, for Mafia. Thanks to Ronn

Modified Original simple car, Thanks to Ronn

Simple 3D


Photo realistic texture models